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Today I am baking cookies to take to school for my birthday and then tonight I am going to see Nick Vujicic.


Andrew and I with the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) - Curiosity Rover model

Spacecrafts I learned about today at JPL:

Launch Date




Feb 1, 1958 Expler1 Around Earth
1977 Voyager 1 Solar system and beyond
1977 Voyager 2 Solar system and beyond
Oct 18, 1989 Galileo Jupiter
Dec 4, 1996 Pathfinder Sojourner Mars
Oct 15, 1997 Cassini Saturn
April 7, 2001 Mars Odyssey Mars
July 2003 MER A Spirit Mars
July 2003 MER B Opportunity Mars
Aug 12, 2005 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) Mars
Aug 4, 2007 Phoenix lender Mars
August 2011 Juno Jupiter
Sept 2011 Grail A & B Moon
Nov 25, 2011 Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Curiosity Mars

The Planets:

The Planets


Trenton Fisher


I am back to writing. My grandma and grandpa are here. I am going to get my new yoyo. It will be fun to show them my yoyo tricks. I can show them all the tricks I know this is Trenton fisher sinning off


Hi yes I am here. I have to finish this before I go to the TNT awards. So I got to do this fast, faster than ever before. This is the awards week. I got to pie someone. It was so cool. I’m going to use my camorra on my dad’s tripod. I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The World Needs Schools Because…

By Trenton Fisher

Imagine a world with no schools. We wouldn’t know anything. We wouldn’t know about life. It would be harder to make friends. This is what the world would be like with no schools.

We need schools to make friends. In case you are feeling down and blue you will have someone to talk to. So you have someone to play with. Friends can help you feel good and better then before.

We need schools to be smart and know stuff. They could help you be better in sports. You also can learn how to fly spacecraft. You could know about animals

We would have no knowledge of life. We wouldn’t be smart. We wouldn’t know about animals. We wouldn’t know about plants.

That was only 3 things why the world needs schools. There are so many more. Do you what the world to be like that?


Hey!!! I know i haven’t posted for a while. This post is about becoming a member on club penguin. I have wanted to be a member for a long time. It will totally change the game, it will be  awesome. You have to sign up and pay. I want to do it tonight so i should move quickly.




My new skateboard deck - using birthday money to buy the rest of the board 🙂


Sat Game #1 Valencia U10 Boys win 2-0

Sat Game #2 Valencia U10 Boys win 5-1

Sun Game #3 Valencia U10 Boys win 3-1

Valencia U10 Boys advance to the Championship round, coming in 2nd loosing to Santa Barbara 0-4 (in a game that was much closer than the scorebook would show)

Valencia U10 Boys - Moorpark "Apricot Jam" Soccer Tournament runner-ups


Over thanksgiving break I went to 8 different skateparks in 8 days.
On Sunday we went to Santa Clarita skatepark. The Santa Clarita skateparks has a large bowl, and a lot of street skate stuff. On Monday we went to the Glendale skatepark after Dr. Mike’s. It is the first skatepark I dropt-it at. The skatepark has lots of vert. I went to Fillmore skatepark on Tuesday. I launch out of the transition bowl. My dad taught me to carve. The pool was very steep. Wednesday was slippery Long Beach! It had rollerbladders everywhere. It had also graffiti everywhere. On Thursday before Thanksgiving meal I went to the Costa Mesa skatepark. The bowl was U-shaped. Friday I took my cousin to the Costa Mesa skatepark. I carve in the U-shaped bowl. Saturday I went to Lake Forest. It has one steep pool and bowl. I skated a train with someone I did not know. Grampa came to watch me. We had to leave early because of the rain. Sunday I went to both Downey and Culver City skatepark. In Downey, my mom watched me skate. I dropped-in and aired-out of the capsule bowl. Culver City skatepark had a large pool. The pool was too advanced!

My favret parks were:
#1 Fillmore I like the transition bowl
#2 Gelndale had lots of places to dropt-in
#3 Downey had lots of fun terrain

Filmore Skatepark - 2009.11.24 - Riding fakie in the combo-bowl

Glendal Skatepark - 2009.11.23 - 1st Skatepark drop-in

Downey Skatepark - 2009.11.29 - Dropping-in with Dad to do a train in the capsule bowl