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The World Needs Schools Because…

The World Needs Schools Because…

By Trenton Fisher

Imagine a world with no schools. We wouldn’t know anything. We wouldn’t know about life. It would be harder to make friends. This is what the world would be like with no schools.

We need schools to make friends. In case you are feeling down and blue you will have someone to talk to. So you have someone to play with. Friends can help you feel good and better then before.

We need schools to be smart and know stuff. They could help you be better in sports. You also can learn how to fly spacecraft. You could know about animals

We would have no knowledge of life. We wouldn’t be smart. We wouldn’t know about animals. We wouldn’t know about plants.

That was only 3 things why the world needs schools. There are so many more. Do you what the world to be like that?

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