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My JPL Day 2011

Andrew and I with the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) - Curiosity Rover model

Spacecrafts I learned about today at JPL:

Launch Date




Feb 1, 1958 Expler1 Around Earth
1977 Voyager 1 Solar system and beyond
1977 Voyager 2 Solar system and beyond
Oct 18, 1989 Galileo Jupiter
Dec 4, 1996 Pathfinder Sojourner Mars
Oct 15, 1997 Cassini Saturn
April 7, 2001 Mars Odyssey Mars
July 2003 MER A Spirit Mars
July 2003 MER B Opportunity Mars
Aug 12, 2005 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) Mars
Aug 4, 2007 Phoenix lender Mars
August 2011 Juno Jupiter
Sept 2011 Grail A & B Moon
Nov 25, 2011 Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Curiosity Mars

The Planets:

The Planets

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